18-21 August 2022.

at peace

kinesiology worldwide congress


Pandemic information


We provide a discounted accommodation option for participants at the venue of the conference




The hotel can arrange a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back upon request.

In case of ordering, the customer’s name, telephone number and the number of the flight are required.

For any questions please contact István Kónya: ikonya@hu.ensanahotels.com or by phone: +36-1-889-4712 or +36-30-338-1133


  • Minibus: 1-4 persons: EUR 40.-.
  • Minibus: 5 persons: EUR 50.-Minibus: for 6 persons: EUR 60.-
  • Minibus: for 7 persons: EUR 70.-
  • Minibus: 8 persons: EUR 80.-

For more than 8 persons an individual offer is required.


The BKK operated parking lot in front of the hotel, is open to all. The charge is 565 HUF /hour.

If you choose this option, press the PARKING button. In this case you will have to pay the fee at the exit.


If you’d like to park in the hotel car park, it’s also possible. In this case, it’s important to press the HOTEL button at the barrier.

For hotel guests: 2400 HUF (8 EUR) / day

For non-hotel guests: 400 HUF / hour / parking fee.

When you leave the hotel, you have to pay the fee at the hotel reception.