ONLINE Conference

Dear Enquirer,

We have made it possible for you to watch the conference online.

Those who attended all 4 days will get free access to the video material of the presentations.

For those who attended only 1-2 days, please register and for a token 50 Euro you will receive the full conference proceedings.

For those who were not present but would like to watch the presentations, registration is open.

The fee for the conference presentations is 200 Euro.

After receiving your payment, we will send you your account number (from and your username and password in a separate email.

You can change your password at any time if you cannot find it or have forgotten it.

Your username will be the same as the name you gave when you registered, without the accents.

After registration, we will send you a fee invoice with all the information you need.

Payment in euros can be made through wise (

Please make the transfer to the following account number: (from any currency to EURO. Please note that the participation fee is set in EURO)

Our email address:

If you need help to transfer:

Until the end of January 2023 for sure.

Támogatóink - Szponzoraink