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GEMS Elementals

An exploration of the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including the energetic physiology of the organ systems and the five ‘spirits’ manifested within. It’s a deep dive into personality and balances that allow you to find equilibrium within your dominant element. It’s a chance to balance life cycles and big goals. It’s a look at the three tan tian and the way they support the meridian system – complete with a new mode to define and a correction for the tan tian/meridian network.

7 Elements, 5 Spirits, 3 Tan tian + new protocols, formats, modes and corrections = 2 days to rock your world!


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Instructor: Alexis Costello

Date:  august 23-24. 2022.

Venue: Budapest VI.


Minimum number: 10 person

Course languange: english


10-15 person:   320 Eu + manual

16-20 person:    220 Eu + manual

21-25 person:    160 Eu + manual

26 person:        130 Eu + manual

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