Touch For HEalth
IN-depth meridian energy - level 1.

You will learn how to better organise such material and use your 42 muscles according to your client’s structural, energetic, emotional or organ needs.

You will get better results because you will be able to be very precise when using Touch For Health techniques.

Learn how muscle testing works by deepening your understanding of the muscle neurology.

Become more effective with your structural techniques, such as the Origin/Insertion or the Golgi Tendon Organ technique.

Learn more about reactive muscles and how to discover them by observation.

Deepen your knowledge about the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and the acupressure points used in Touch For Health; you will learn their specific effect on the energy of the body and thus know what results you can expect when you use them. Learn how to use the Diagram of Behavioural Attitude when applying the Five Elements balance.

Interprets what is the meaning behind all the different balance possibilities of the Meridian Wheel balance.

Learn why Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular points are so effective by understanding their connection with the Primary Chi of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Deepen your postural observation skills and learn some simple basic nutritional concepts that will give you a better insight when you use your food awareness tests and the Piva compatibility test, a real breakthrough in assessing foods.

Learn to discover the difference between void and excesses in your 5 element and meridian wheel balances and use Leodynamics, specific Bach Flower essences and nutritional support when a void needs to be balanced. And more.

Pre-requisite: Touch for Health 3. 

Instructor: Maurizio Piva (Italy) IKC Faculty 

Date: 22-25.08.2022.  9 am to 5 pm

Venue: Budapest VII.


10-15 person:    500 Eu + manual

16-20 person:    350 Eu + manual

21-25 person:    260 Eu + manual

26 person:        220 Eu + manual

Course languange: english

Course application: