Anne de Wild

The Four Temperaments in the Five Chinese Elements

Why can’t a fish become more fishier, but a human being more human? This simple question shows that a human being is much more than just a more evolved animal. When we look into the face of a newborn baby, we see an old soul. It comes from a distant world. We don’t have the feeling that this tiny little being is a coincidental act of making love. We also have an origin in a spiritual world, we can see this in its gaze. However, we also have a body that was formed from the laws of heredity. How can the eternal be connected with the ephemeral? 

This is where temperaments come into play. Temperaments have existed in this form for 2500 years and never lost their importance. There are 4 temperaments and the 5th temperament is the personal blend of each individual. We will connect them with the 5 Chinese elements and with a playing card set that I developed especially for this work, so we can deepen our balances easily. 

Why is it so important to know something about temperaments? 

We live in a difficult and maybe overwhelming time, where many people have the feeling that they are not seen, not heard and misunderstood. Advice literature fills entire departments in bookstores, because we want to know how life works, how we can become ourselves, to be able to become more human.

Temperaments give us a strong tool in our hands, with which we can create more courage to go on our journey to ourselves and into the world. 

If you would like to know more about how the human being is structured, where the temperaments work and how we can use this to get a better understanding of our counterpart, then you have come to the right place. Trying to understand a person is the first step towards peace. Other tools such as the art of listening, storytelling and the connection of this work with your own life story further contribute to making the path of peace a reality. 

This workshop builds on social engagement through self-discovery. See it as a gift for yourself, your clients, your family and all the people you are connected with. 

What can you expect? 

  • A thorough understanding of the concept of the 4 Temperaments and how they fit into the five Chinese elements. 
  • Diving into the four human bodies.
  • Where to find the Temperaments and typical life questions connected to them.
  • The art of listening as a way to let a story unfold in a deep way.
  • How to use the playing cards in a balance.
  • Enough time for making this your own experience. 
  • Humor, time to find your story, exercises and unexpected insights. 

This workshop will create more awareness of how we see each other, and that is a crucial step toward peace! Because as Martin Buber said: All real living is meeting!  

Pre-requisite: Touch for Health 1 (or equivalent)

Instructor: Anne de Wild (Switzerland), Kinesiology instructor, Naturopath and Biography worker

Date: 17.8.2022.  9am – 5pm

Place: Budapest VII.Price: 125 Euro + handout 5 Euro in English and set of playing cards available in 22 different languages 12 Euro 

Minimum number: 6 participantsCourse 

language: English with Hungarian translation

Course application: