holographic Touch for Health™ level 1.

In Level 1, the holographic model is the focus. You learn an integrative system that utilizes and expands upon the basic Touch for Health 14 muscle balance. With just a couple of simple additions, you’ll exponentially expand your skills and be able to apply the holographic method immediately upon completing the 2 day course.

As an added bonus, deeper understandings are provided of the philosophy, skills and techniques taught in the Touch for Health series. These understandings allow you to better focus your intent – improving your results – and allow you to better communicate to your clients and prospects what it is you do. For this reason, HoloTFH 1 has been approved in the US as a Touch for Health Update course for TFH Instructors that have completed at least one regular Touch for Health Update prior. But you don’t have to be an instructor to take this course! While the entire TFH training will ensure your (readiness) for Holographic Touch for Health, you only need to have taken TFH 2 in order to attend and be able to put this exciting new approach to practical use.

Here’s what you’ll learn in these 2 days…

  • A thorough understanding of the holographic healing model, how to use it and what its benefits are
  • How to integrate CV and GV throughout a balance – why leave the brain and central nervous system out?
  • Why we use an expanded 16 muscle model in HoloTFH
  • Introduction and history of hand modes – including the 2 modes used in the HoloTFH 1 system
  • How to assess an imbalance holographically
  • How to apply Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular reflexes holographically
  • An expanded (holographic) way of doing Acupressure Holding Points – and why!
  • Understanding of theory behind Circuit Retaining Mode (Pause Lock) and expanding its use to get better results
  • Integration of Figure 8s – getting the biggest benefit from this amazing technique
  • How to do goal balancing holographically
  • How to do a HoloTFH Balance in just a few minutes and get great results

Of course, the best understanding of Holographic Touch for Health comes from experiencing and applying it! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice so you’ll be able to apply what you learn immediately after the workshop. Then, in subsequent trainings, you’ll build on these skills and expand your abilities to help others benefit from what you have to offer as a Holographic Touch for Health Wellness Consultant.


holographic Touch for Health™ level 2.

Picking up from where you left off in HoloTFH 1, in Level 2 the focus is on expansion – of the system and the tools you’ll use to go deeper with your sessions. You’ll learn how to be more efficient in determining what balancing modalities to use. Additionally, more advanced use of Circuit Retaining Mode (Pause Lock) as a means of maintaining the body’s focus on the balancing issue leads the way towards being able to go deeper into the causes of imbalance. Inevitably, this means looking at the emotions. And, of course, you’ll do so holographically!

When taught by Adam, you get the extra bonus of a ½ day training in HeartMath®, learning the concepts of coherence and its importance in being an effective practitioner. These skills are critical for anyone wanting to become a Wellness Consultant, and here they’re built right into the program!

Holographic TFH 2 also introduces chakras into the energy balancing repertoire – with techniques specifically developed for this workshop and not presented elsewhere. Even if you’ve learned chakra balancing methods elsewhere, you’ll want to add these to your kit bag!

  • An expanded use of Circuit Retaining Mode to build more complete circuits for balancing – when you balance a bigger picture, you get bigger outcomes!
  • Expanded use of hand modes to more efficiently determine what balancing modalities to use – let the body say what it wants and in what order! (Plus new modes for the new modalities taught in the class)
  • The Heart-Self Acupressure Points to always know you’re working with a clear and accurate muscle for testing
  • Holographic 5 Element Emotion Technique – how to easily get richer information from your client about the underlying nature of their challenges and issues, and assist in resolving them.
  • HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage – ½ day training in this truly life altering method
  • Chakra Balancing – A combo of traditional and all new methods combined with information to take the balancing deeper
  • Additional ways of using your Touch for Health skills and knowledge in an integrated system.

All in all, when you leave Holographic Touch for Health 2, you’re ready to help people make significant transformations in their lives and experience the benefits of helping the world become a better place. Isn’t that the service you want to offer?


august 13-17. 2022.

Pre-requisite: TFH I-II.

Minimum number: 15 person

Place: Budapest VII.

Only I:

Csak I:

15-17 főig:   220 Eu + jegyzet

18-20 főig:    200 Eu + jegyzet

21-25 főig:    180 Eu + jegyzet

26 főtől:        160 Eu + jegyzet


I-II together:

15-17 főig:    500 Eu + jegyzet

18-20 főig:    450 Eu + jegyzet

21-25 főig:    400 Eu + jegyzet

26 főtől:        350 Eu + jegyzet


Course languange: english

Course application: